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Market study of AR Virtual Tryon in Fashion Industry

  • Expensive
  • image Canada
  • Type Fixed
  • Duration: 01 to 03 months

Project Detail

We would like to get a detailed assessment of the AR virtual tryon space.

Our business will be B2B, and be plugin based solution for online retailers and App based for offline retailers.

The project goal is to identify all the players in the US in this space and come up with a competitive mapping, profiles of the competitors, any outside investments they have had. I am particularly interested in their business model.

The biggest players are PerfectCorp, Tangiblee and Banuba. We are much more interested in the rest of the players, even if regional or mid-size or local or startups.

To qualify for this project, please provide a proposal that convinced us why you are the right pick.

Once qualified for role

Key tasks:
1. Market Sizing
2. Pricing Analysis
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Competitor Analysis


Skills Required