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Do you actually need someone to help you grow your visibility in Google instead of just sending over a canned report of what you need to do? Most clients I have worked with love the report of what needs to be done but they don't know how to actually do it. What makes me stand above the crowd is that I can actually help you EXECUTE on the things I can recommend by working with you or your development team.

"Rich has a track record for getting stuff done, he can actually suggest what needs to be done but he can actually get his hands dirty and get it done for you! His experience in the seo space helped us grow our internet revenue by over $1m by increasing our Google organic traffic by over 75%!" - Mario

"Rich came in, identified the issues that were limiting our visibility in Google and was able to actually go execute and get those things done for us. These changes increased our site's organic traffic from Google by over 55% YOY" - Troy

"Rich specializes in diving into the technical aspect of SEO. Our site has over 4 million pages and we were having issues with Google crawling/indexing our site. Rich was able to analyze our server logs to see that Googlebot was wasting over 65% of our crawl budget on pages that we did not want indexed. He provided the necessary steps for us to resolve these all while keeping an eye on the new logs as they came in. The result was an 83% increase in first place rankings in 12 months, 55% increase in the number of pages indexed, and best of all an increase in 140% of our organic traffic."


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