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Mariya Salib

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Professional Content Writer

I specialize in:
~ NUTRITION [Mindful Eating, Moderation, Portion Control, Cooking with Wholesome ingredients, Balancing of Macros, etc.]
~ FITNESS [Muscle-building, Strength Training, Yoga, Exercise, Health, Supplements etc]
~ HOLISTIC LIVING and WELL-BEING [Stress-management, Meditation, Gratitude, Happiness, Family, Relationships, Maximizing Self-Potential, etc]
~ SKINCARE - I have keen interest in ingredient-based and research-backed beauty and skincare. Have battled with adult acne and devised skincare regimes for myself and friends to combat the same, using a combination of nature-derived ingredients and synthetic actives to keep ACNE and PIGMENTATION at bay.
~ TRAVEL - [Backpacking, Weekend Getaways, Food, Travel, Local Cuisines and Attractions, Luxury Travel]
~ BOOKS - I am an avid reader, a potter-head, a Ludlum-style adrenaline Junkie, a Tony Robbins-style life-chaser. If you want a book reviewed, I'm your person!
~ Academic Papers and Scientific Journals - I love Research! I produce well-researched, evidence-based articles for journals and papers.
With 7+ years of experience as content writer on varied subjects like academic research papers, blog-writing, web content, creative writing etc, I'm highly skilled, efficient and reliable. I also have 2 years of experience as Quality Analyst & Proofreading, which helps me produce error-free, premium-quality content. I use Copyscape Premium before final submission of any work.

Please contact me if you want me to submit samples on a particular niche. I produce paid samples as well, upon request.


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